Thursday, 15 March 2018

Food,I love you. Tv show from Ukraine/ Russia with Vladimir Dantes. Check minute 10

 It's a beautiful show about food and the most delicious show about traveling!

It is the first culinary travel-show and the best guide to the most unusual, appetizing, tasty attractions worldwide.
In each city, three hosts, using culinary lots, decide which one of them is going to explore the chic restaurants, who is going to find the best street food, and who is going to cook local national homemade dish in a friendly family of locals. Friends try exquisite delicacies and cheap simple cuisine masterpieces- and they will tell you about the food in a way that you will not resist trying it yourself!
At the end of each episode, food experts meet up for a culinary challenge. And the one who appears to be weak and less prepared, will go for a strict, not always delicious, and sometimes dangerous punishment!
Thanks to eatwith this experience it has been possible. I'm very grateful

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